Monday, April 25, 2011

The Eye of Time. I.- Awakenings.

It was just another morning like the thousands of mornings beforehand. But I had made a decision: to break with my past. And I was going to do it in the only way I knew: travelling. Travelling around the world, getting to know other places, other people. Time didn't matter at all. First, I prepared a light luggage (What for more?, I asked to myself)  Then I wrote an email to my closer relatives. It was short (I will keep in contact, but, please, don't try to ring neither find  me. I'm travelling). Finally, I went out my home (floor 6th in an apartments building) and I began to walk.  I went into a nearby newsagent in order to buy a world map. I paid and went on walking. "Where do I begin ?" As I was looking at the world globe, I didn't realize a car had lost its way in the road. It jumped up the pavement and crashed into me. At that moment, I felt a dark cloud all through my brain, and I could see all I have done that morning before the crash: my awakening, my decision of a new true life, my light luggage. I found myself on my bed again,  but it was only my old body, because my inner self began to fly through the window glass of my room towards the highest clouds, feeling the fresh air on my face, breathing the perfume of freedom. Then I realized it was not only my mind, but my body what was flying, feeling a new way of being alive. And I realized my mouth had turned into a long strong bill, in the same way as my legs were now long slim legs ended in sharp talons. I spred my arms widely,  the wings of a stork. I looked down and I saw the city that had been my home for all my life, the  old city, the cathedral, the bridge, the main avenues; I could listen to its old daily sounds of cars and people sharing the same space; and then I knew I was begining my true last.