Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Eye of Time. II.- To the City of Light.

So, where can I fly to now? thought to myself as that was my first experience as a stork. Meanwhile I felt the warmer and warmer sun  rays on my feathers, I decided: Mmmmm, to the south. I turned my wings to the right. There I will find a place under the sun. I flew for hours and in my path I found many other birds, or small or big, all of us in search of that same place. I looked down and saw many different cities and villages, some were green and rainy, like Scotland and England; others were more like the Mediterranean style: white houses, swimming pools, many people, many cars. What a bright sun they have!, I exclaimed. Suddenly I saw a tall pointing tower near a wavy river; although it was brightly lighted I tried to read the big  welcoming screen which said the name of the city: it was Seville. Mmmm, I'm in Seville.  I saw a big square with a long wide road at one side and I spent several hours in the early afternoon flying over it. There were many people walking, going in and out of shops, carring big bags, having snacks in bars and terraces. I could smell the perfumes of orange and lemon blossons, of fried fish. And I listened to their loud laughs, as if all the people in that city were really really enjoying all the  happiness somebody can image in life and all the beauty around them, as so many palaces, statues and gardens full of colourful aromatic flowers, trees and fountains were spread along the city. The lights were fading slowly.  I had spent  the late afternoon walking in the shore of that green river full of small boats, crossed by several bridges that divided the city in different sections, all of them gathered around the river water. At that moment, after eating some grasses and pieces of food I had found in my way, I was aware for the first time why southern-Spanish people always seemed so happy. It's because of the sun. And then I decided: From now on, I'll call Seville "the City of Light."

The cathedral and the Giralda in Seville at dawn  (Spain)